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Are you a lover of witnessing new flora and fauna across the world? Are you thinking about heading to bird watching tour in the popular destination? Do you know that the great joys of bird watching will never meet by anything else especially if you are a nature lover? When you search online for the best birding destination Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Jersey , your search will stop at Nepal. It is because Nepal is the paradise of nature and God gifted country. Here, you will witness numerous wonders of nature, which gives you happiness and enjoyment.

Significance of bird watching tour in Nepal

One of the popular recreational activities available in Nepal is the bird watching. Choosing the right Bird Watching Tour in Nepal will give you a chance to witness different species of birds via your naked eyes or even with the help of some equipment such as a telescope. Nepal is the best destination for bird watching because of its diverse range of ecosystem right from lowland subtropical forest to high altitude Himalayas environment.

Actually, you can explore more than 850species of birds. The country is not only popular for outstanding cultural and scenery but also a paradise for birdwatchers. Naturally Glenn Robinson Jersey , it is blessed with the widest range of bird life. Nepal鈥檚 bird watching tour will take you via lowland jungles, wildlife reserves, and others conservational parks and areas. Some of the popular places for bird watching in Nepal are Bagmati River, Godavari Oscar Robertson Jersey , Chitwan, and so on.

Popular bird watching tours in Nepal

Chitwan bird watching tour

The most popular bird watching tour in Nepal is the Bird watching Tour In Chitwan National Park. The Chitwan national park is just about witnessing endangered mammals. You can also go for elephant back safari. Here, you will discover an abundant number of highly vulnerable birds such as emerald dove, longtailed shrike Khris Middleton Jersey , indian peafowl, jungle owlet, etc that have been attractive ornithologists from the world for many years. From Kathmandu, it is an about 5hours drive to reach this national park.

Bardiya Jungle Safari tour

When compared to Chitwan Eric Bledsoe Jersey , Bardia National park is quite smaller but houses same exotic animals as well as the jungle environment of the Terai. When you go for Bardiya Jungle Safari, you will not only enjoy bird watching but also spend time on an elephant safari, jungle walk, and dolphin watch. This tour is the second most popular and most sought jungle safari in Nepal. With this tour Giannis Antetokounmpo Jersey , you will see more than 30 different mammals such as hyenas, wild dogs, wild boars, blue bulls Cheap Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys , etc.

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