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Oklahoma City Thunder (11-6) Kevin Durant may remain the best player over the Thunder, but Russell Westbrook makes critics pause before answering famous. OKC has struggled compared to early-season expectations, but 11 wins stays a strong start for any young people.

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The best and most experienced traders in the world agree on one thing: every successful investment portfolio should include gold Marcus Rashford Jersey UK , even if only a little bit. Gold trading and investment has gained popularity over the years because of the promising uptrend gold was following. If you haven t invested in gold yet, it s never too late to get started. Especially now that gold prices are going down, it s a good time to buy. However, before you just start to trade gold without any strategy Nemanja Matic Jersey UK , here are some things you should know about it in particular:

Follow Dollar Cost Averaging
The best way to invest money in gold in a balanced way is through the dollar cost averaging technique. This requires investing a fixed amount of money from your investment budget in gold every month without considering the current price of gold. Most traders in this case advocate spending 3 to 10% percent of your budget towards gold while the more aggressive ones allocate as much as 20% of their budget to gold investment. This will allow you to spread the risk of investment over time.

Buy Physical Gold
The most effective investment is to buy gold in physical form, including gold coins, bars, and even jewelry. However Blank Jersey UK , make sure you buy this gold without big premiums, keeping the purchase price as close to the spot price as possible. 10% premium is the highest cap most investors put on gold bullion purchases. However, depending on the type of gold item you are buying, the premium can be as high as 75% so you need to be careful

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